New Whitepaper

The Identity and Access Management team here at SECUDE Global Consulting has created a new White paper called “Strategies for Creating an Authoritative Store”.  The paper is currently being hosted on the Business Trends Quarterly site and will be on our corporate website soon as well.

From the White paper:

Creation of an Authoritative Store is a key component of an Identity Management Infrastructure. The Authoritative Store can be created using a number of different strategies. The determination of the best strategy is by a thorough analysis of sources, database resources, available data synchronization tools and the IAM tools in use by the organization.

In the meantime if you would like to read the paper, please email me at (matthew dot pollicove (at) secude-consulting dot com) or register (it’s free!) on BTQ’s website where you can get more information on BI, GRC and other important technology areas.

I will post an update as soon as the paper is available on the corporate website.