SailPoint IdentityIQ Quick Overview

I had the opportunity courtesy of CTI to train on the SailPoint IdentityIQ product.  I was impressed with the thoroughness of the product.  They are not narrowly focused but offer the  means of nailing down your application identity certifications while insuring segregation of duties and least privilege.  This product covers the enterprise and is not  just an IT ecosystem like SAP GRC.  If I have a complaint it is that it relies on too much XML when setting up an application.  XML is nearly useless with its insistence that data must be modeled as 1:N.  The brain may love hierarchies but XML with all it’s tags and so little data makes hierarchies a headache to work with.  Their developers seem to sense this too because they have moved some areas around web services to json as opposed to SOAP, an approach I have had my fill of.  If enterprise governance is a requirement for you, and you find yourself failing audits, be sure to check out SailPoint.  <shameless plug>Then call Matt Pollicove (who blogs here from time to time) at CTI when you need help implementing.</shameless plug>


One thought on “SailPoint IdentityIQ Quick Overview

  1. Gregg, those are my impressions exactly. Based on some of the discussions I had with the folks at SP, they’re working on moving away from the XML, at least the exposed parts.

    They’ve got some great ideas and I think their approaches are mostly spot on. Right now I think they’re the 600lb Gorilla in this space!

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