Is NetWeaver IdM really replacing CUA?

So far – despite all efforts from SAP on the Marketing front – I have not seen this to become a reality. CUA is no longer one of SAP’s beloved children – meaning no major functionality upgrades will be provided through enhancements. But to tell you the truth, it works. So if you only care about SAP user provisioning (like me) then CUA is good enough. On the flip side CUA has nothing to do with Identity Management. Its intend was to simplify role assignments across complex system landscapes, not to automate user management. It’s still not capable of mirroring best practices for onboarding, position changes and terminations. The manual workload is tremendous and here and there in the mist of Excel spreadsheets and e-mails from HR orphan user id’s are as inevitable as candy at Halloween.

So I say it’s time to retire the good old box and get something in place that makes SU01 and SU10 go away forever. Time it is indeed.

One thought on “Is NetWeaver IdM really replacing CUA?

  1. Interesting points. At some point companies are going to have to make the jump and move into the 21st century! Proper management of User Identity is increasingly important with laws such as SOX, HIPAA, Massachusetts’ 201 CMR 17, etc. It’s not just about getting the users into the system, it’s about getting them in correctly and in an auditable fashion (a lack in email and excel based systems)

    I have been hearing more rumbles about moving forward with IdM. What I’d really like to know is why companies are not jumping into this since IdM solves more problems than a potential upgrade would present.

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