HCM and NetWeaver Identity Management Integration Tips

The landscape document from SAP that explains how to export from HCM to VDS to Identity Center has sections that are less than clear so I thought I would list common issues that have caused problems in the past.  First the architecture.  The way the export works is as follows:

  1. A report is run in SAP HCM which extracts the necessary data formated as LDAP data.
  2. SAP connects to the VDS and pushes the data.
  3. VDS connects to the Identity Center information store and uploads the data.

A couple common problems I have seen.

  • The field names inside SAP are misnamed or the export names to LDAP are.
  • The LDAP libraries in SAP Basis are not installed.
  • VDS Template:  The one you want to use is this one “HR Export to IdM Identity Center.xml” this one will not work “HCM LDAP EXTRACT for IDM.xml”
  • Bad credentials or passwords (of course)
  • VDS Tree for HCM is broken in some way.  If in doubt recreate your setting from the template.

Troubleshooting Tips.

  • First determine where you are broken.
  • Turn on verbose logging at VDS and see if HCM is even connecting.
  • If you are connecting to VDS but no data is reaching the Identity Store then check the LDAP extract for misspellings.   One error in your path and the whole thing breaks.
  • If VDS shows database errors then check the error logs in the identity center for problems with the task configuration

Finally, because HCM does not support event triggers — which can be tricky — I usually filter at HCM LDAP report for the data I want.  In most cases a nightly run is sufficient.  SAP recommends a full upload every time but this is not practical for large numbers of employees.

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