IDM in need of a fundamental change

Currently within the marketplace, apart from SAP’s Netweaver Identity Management, there are IDM offerings from many of the other big names, namely:

and a couple of smaller players too:

just to name a few; but in this day and age, with software in all other spaces evolving so rapidly and becoming ever more easier and intuitive to use, IDM suites don’t seem to be improving in this area. The majority of all IDM products seem to have very dated and tiresome interfaces.  A truly revolutionary IDM product would offer the following:

  • an easy to use, intuitive interface
  • a powerful set of development tools
  • functionality encompassed within modules to make development, administration, customization and upgrades much easier
  • a large toolbox of commonly used functionality modules to enable rapid development and code re-use
  • strong set of compliance tools
  • transparency when it comes to system monitoring and debugging
  • role and identity based access management
  • tight and easy integration with external systems
  • open source and open standards; enabling community development which fosters rapid creativity

IDM implementations would be far more useful and easier to implement if they addressed the above features.


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