Identity Theft and Enterprise Identity Management

When I tell people that I work in the Identity Management field, the first comment is usually something like, “Wow, identity theft, cool stuff.  What should I be doing to protect myself?” Sometimes I’ll try to explain about user life cycle provisioning, role management, meta directories, compliance, audit and the other technologies and concepts that I consider for Enterprise customers, but for some reason that’s not terribly interesting to most people.

However, I recently started thinking about it. What are we really doing here? At the very core, it’s all about defining and ensuring the enterprise user’s identity within the organization. So in essence, we are concerned with the idea of Identity theft when you think about it.  Making sure the right individuals are logging in with the right credentials. Then making sure that these individuals do not have more access then they are entitled to.

So maybe now my new answer will be: “Yeah, kind of, except that I deal with preventing identity theft at the corporate level, reducing fraud and eliminating risk”  Then I can go on and explain about user life cycle provisioning, role management…


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