Augment – a NetWeaver IDM 7.0 staging tool

Currently, when working with Netweaver IdM 7.0, migrating a configuration from one environment to another (e.g. DEV to TEST or QA to PRODUCTION, etc.) can end up being a very long and manual process. One has to go through the following steps:

Export the configuration

  • Export job groups
  • Export identity stores

Bootstrapping the staging environment

  • Create dispatchers with the same names as on the test environment.
  • Create event agents.
  • Define the default import settings: dispatcher, enable jobs and check-in jobs.
  • Create roles, privileges and dynamic groups (if used for task access control).
  • Import job group(s).
  • Import identity store(s).
  • Manually link any event agent references.
  • Manually update global constants and repositories.
  • Manually update provisioning/deprovisioning task references on privileges.

In the above list , all items in bold are manual steps.  So, with about 75% of your staging process being manual you can end up spending close to about 4-6 hours completing a migration for a pretty complex system. And with 75% of the build process being manual, the chances for human error are much greater.

We at SECUDE have developed a tool called Augment, that we hope can greatly reduce the time taken for migrating configurations between environments. I’ll higlight some of it’s basic features in the next post.