More Thoughts on Federated Provisioning

If we look up the definition of the term “federated” in the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia via it returns this definition:

“Connected and treated as one. See federated database and federated directories.”

This definition makes sense when we discuss identity.  We have two systems within separate legal entities separated by a barrier.  At one time this barrier was  like a wall, a fortress.  Entry was made through prescribed gates.  Today it is more like a cell with it’s bi-layer lipid membrane and  trans-membrane proteins.  It acts as a protective barrier and a regulator of transports in and out.  When we connect the IdM system of one entity with another they are treated as one; however, the other sub-system elements are logically subordinate so if we talk about federated provisioning there is a strong argument that it is semantically irrelevant.  Ian Glazer is right there is only provisioning.


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