Netweaver Identity Manager 7.1

Now that Netweaver Identity Manager 7.1 is in ramp up, the single biggest change is at the presentation layer.  PHP is gone and Webdynpro is in.  The inexorable march away from its open source foundation is well under way.  When we first started showing the product to customers they would inevitably say, “This doesn’t look like an SAP product” and they were right.  This lack of familiarity made companies hesitant to purchase the product.  The same thing happened with master data management.  The other issue was PHP.  In meetings with infosec managers, they would make comments like, “PHP is not a core competency here.  We don’t have anyone familiar with PHP.”    Normally, I found out this wasn’t true, it’s just that the developers who knew PHP well were doing projects with it for friends and small businesses.  Long term this change is positive.  The better the product integrates with SAP, the more satisfied the enterprise will be and they can leverage existing competencies.


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