When Enterprise Systems Collide…

It’s no secret that there are many systems in the Enterprise and that sometimes they seemingly come into conflict.  How many places are there where one can:

  • Change information about themselves
  • Change information about others
  • Change a password
  • Add new roles
  • Add  new access

Well there are many.  One of the challenges of Identity Management is to examine, balance and ultimately limit what a given user can do from a given interface. Ultimately it is in the best interest of administrators and users to do this so that workflows and processes are as streamlined as possible.

This means that the IdM system does not need to be the center of the universe for updating information if prior to its introduction the HCM system had a perfectly good Self Service Module.  It also means that not every application needs to have its password maintenance functionality turned on, especially if passwords are being sent from another interface (i.e., OS password change, HD Delegated Administration, IdM password self serviceIn a heterogenous environment, evaulate all functionality, then act.

There’s no need to reinvent or reuse the wheel more than necessary.


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