To Synch or Not To Synch

Password synchronization has been a requirement since the early days. There is a lot of fuzz going on in the industry surrounding this ‘feature’, but let’s face it – It comes down to a simple question: How convenient do you want your Business Support Solution to be? Do you want it idiot proof or secure? There is this widely respected and agreedĀ  statement that only a one-time token is safe enough to protect your holy data from unwanted access, but when it comes to passwords more than one of them is too much hassle to deal with. Sure, there is products out there that will give you the technology to synchronize everything back and fourth, but is this in accordance with CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability – not the agency)? I don’t think so. Let’s be honest to ourselves: It is always a balance between what the business wants IS/IT to deliver and what make sense from a infrastructure point of view. But fortunately there is SSO and our beloved child NW IdM 7 that will solve some of these problem.

Comments, anyone?

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