Installing VDS as a Service

Here is a quick step by step guide for installing a VDS configuration as a service.  This goes into more detail than the help file.

  • Once you have the server up and fully tested you will want to install it as a service.  First stop the server.  Right click the Virtual Directory Server root in the left hand pane and select Properties.
  • Virtual Directory Servier Properties

    Virtual Directory Servier Properties

  • From the General Tab select the NT Service radio button.
  • Selecting the NT Service Radio Button

    Selecting the NT Service Radio Button

  • In the Serivce Name dialog box type a meaningful name in this case an HCM connection then click Apply.
  • Service Name

    Service Name

  • Next click the the Install Service button and the click OK.
  • Install Service

    Install Service

  • You can now either start the service from the application or do it from the services in the control panel.
  • Start


  • Check the lower status bar to make sure it’s working. Note that Application Name will change to Service Name. Your finished.  This is the sequence that has produced a consistent result.
  • Status Bar

    Status Bar

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