SP2 patch peeves

One would think that SP2 Patch 1 for Identity Center and SP2 Patches 1 & 2 for Virtual Directory Server (released in early July) would be cumulative seeing that it’s about the same size as the original SP2 IdC install; sadly, this is not the case. Today, if you were planning to set up an up to date IdC installation you would have to follow these steps:

  1. Install SP2 (Identity center and Virtual Directory Server)
  2. Install SP2 Patch 1 – For your database (IDM70IC02P_1-20003100)
  3. Install SP2 Patch 2 – For Identity Center (IDM70IC02P_2-20003100)
  4. Install SP2 Patch 1 – For Virtual Directory Server (IDM70VDS01P_1-20003260)
  5. Install SP2 Patch 2 – For Virtual Directory Server (IDM70VDS02P_1-20003260)

Setting up the installation using the above mentioned steps leaves no room for mistakes. If you alter this process you might be left with a system that seems perfect on the outside but might not function as well on the inside.

I really wish they would release cumulatively patched versions of the product that would offer the option to either upgrade an existing installation or set up a fresh one. It would drastically simplify the install process. I think everyone would prefer it compared to a bunch of dependent bloated patches that can’t be used without the original SP2 install.


3 thoughts on “SP2 patch peeves

  1. Gregg, I can’t agree with you more! Updates used to be cumulative and only required uninstall, reinstall IDM, update database, install monitoring, and the workflow. Seems like these more moving parts now.

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