Architectural Changes and NW IdM

If a large software vendor makes fundemental changes to an application, it can negatively impact one’s provisioning.  Depending on the solution  used  one may have to wait for the vendor to support it natively or write their own code.  One of the benefits of using Netweaver Identity Manager is its flexibility.  It’s really an IAM took kit.  The down side of this is having to do more configuration.  The upside can be seen in the following illustration.  When Exchange 2007 was released the RUS process was history.  It was necessary to use the console or cmdlets to create mail boxes.  Those that had already migrated to Exchange 2007 last year were forced to roll their own Rube Goldberg device while wating for their IAM tool to natively support E2K7.  In NW IdM it was an easy process since you can natively execute a shell command or script.  This is one of the features I really like about the product, it allows enterprises to adapt quickly to unplanned changes.

Update 2008/07/10: Torgeir said on a webinar today that SAP will be providing a native framework/connector for E2K7.


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