It’s all about the relationship

The morning sessions here at Burton largely revolved around the topic of relationship management.

It’s long been debated about what gets done after provisioning is completed.  No one believes that IdM stops here.  In my time I’ve heard of several next steps after provisioning/de-provisioning is completed (aside from continuing maintenance of the provisioning/de-provisioning system):

  • execution of more detailed compliance work
  • further refining entitlements and role management
  • continued maintenance of the authoritative store
  • Business Process Management exercises

It seems that the Burton folks believe that the next phase of Identity Management must be the creation and maintenance of relationships.  Once a person is defined in the authoritative source, building relationships between identities and services needs to happen. Several examples were cited as to how relationships can be made and maintained. Notable examples came from the fields of Social Networking and eCommerce. Certainly areas such as Education, Business-to-Business, CRM, and Vendor Relationship Management (A new one to me) can be made as well.

I like this from an operational standpoint.  It’s actually something outward facing to be done in the IdM space as opposed to inward facing compliance and role management activities.  Not that they don’t have an important purpose mind you, but it always seems to me that it’s always nice to have something to do with the data as opposed to having it just lie there.

There are still some challenges ahead though as we determine the exact way that these relationships will be made and maintained.  Who are the providers of the relationship service is probably the biggest challenge.  Will they simply be a part of Web/Identity 2.0 or something else that we’re not quite aware of yet.  This will be one of those topics that will be interesting to follow in the coming months.

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